Our May Book Study – Free!

Book Study

“Is Mother Nature Mad?
How to Work with Nature Spirits to Mitigate Natural Disasters”

book - Is Mother Nature Mad?

Raging Fires • Climate Change • Pandemics • Tornados • Earthquakes • Hurricanes

Join us to learn what you can do to help restore harmony to the environment and to mitigate extreme weather conditions – complete with real-life stories and practical spiritual tools. We will be studying the book Is Mother Nature Mad?* 

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

This book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet provides surprising answers to the age-old questions about weather, natural disasters and climate:

  • Are natural disasters God-made or man-made?
  • Is extreme weather a cyclic activity?
  • What has man done to bring disasters upon the earth?
  • How does this apply to current times?
  • How can we work with nature spirits to improve our situation?

Join us for this informative book study. Meet other peers and enjoy the great weather. Bring your own chair/blanket, if the location is at the park. We look forward to seeing you soon!

First Book Study Session
Saturday, May 8
10:30 am – Noon

At the Albuquerque-NM Parks and Patios

Contact us for location/directions

505-399-2970 or afsl@summitlighthouseabq.org

Albuquerque Park

*You are welcome to purchase the paperback or the Kindle version of the book on Amazon. Click here.

We ask you to avoid attending if you have tested positive for Covid or feel ill. We appreciate your kind cooperation to keep everyone safe.