Be a Spiritual Alchemist

Want to Keep the Flame of Life?

Would you like to learn about alchemical formulas that will heal you personally and heal the planet? Would you like to learn about the inner mysteries revealed by the Ascended Masters to help you keep the flame of life? 

Did you know that you can join a fraternity of members all over the world who pray for planet earth, use alchemical formulas, and study the inner mysteries of life? It is the Keeper of the Flame Fraternity®.

The members of this fraternity keep the flame of life and are souls who have pledged to sustain civilization and bring in a Golden Age. Members belong to any religious affiliation as this fraternity is non-denominational.
The Ascended Master Saint Germain personally sponsors you when you become a Keeper of the Flame. This sponsorship is extremely important to your spiritual growth and your ability to become more effective in serving life. You have the opportunity to develop a guru-chela relationship with Saint Germain, and if you follow his directions, he will help strip individual karmic records from you.

To accelerate and learn life’s mysteries, Keepers of the Flame receive lessons in spiritual adeptship which assist on their spiritual journey and their spiritual growth.

If you desire to connect with like-minded people, develop a new spiritual family, and find friendship and support in your and the planet’s hour of need, you can join the Keeper of the Flame Fraternity.

To find out more about this life-changing Fraternity, you can click the link here.