Our May 2020 Events

Connect with others on the spiritual path

We invite you to our Spiritual Quest workshops via Zoom

The Spiritual Quest is a course designed to help you study and apply practical, life-changing teachings of the Ascended Masters, our elder brothers east and west.

Each class offers an in-depth look at your spiritual origin and destiny and provides ways for you to connect with your Higher Self more intimately. These teachings are not just theories. You will gain practical tips to produce a positive change in your daily life!

The Spiritual Quest series provide practical ways to apply the teachings of the Ascended Masters and to deepen your understanding of their profound wisdom.

Spiritual Quest Workshops
Sunday, May 3, 17, and 31 
10:30 am – 12:00 pm

May 3

“Alchemical Healing Formulas, Why Are They So Powerful?”

• Learn to use formulas revealed by the Ascended Masters
• See for yourself why these formulas are so powerful
• Understand why these mantras assist us in the healing process


May 17
“The Light of the Divine Mother and Your Energy Centers”

• Learn how to safely raise the kundalini fire
• Discover how our chakras work
• Explore how to use this knowledge to heal


May 31

“Alchemy of the Heart”

• Learn about specific meditations on the heart chakra
• Learn keys to your mastery over the four planes of matter

Our workshops are multi-faceted: video, visualizations, and meditation, along with chanting and group discussion.


Online via Zoom

You can attend our online classes using a landline, cell phone, tablet, or computer. Please contact us for a link to the workshop.


Our April Event

Healing by Reconnecting with Your Higher Self
Spiritual Quest Workshop Series

Sunday, April 26 * 1– 2:30 pm

Online Workshop via Zoom

Learn tools that the ascended masters have provided to guide us in attaining union with our Higher Self, also called our Christ Self, the voice of the conscious, guardian angel, and inner teacher.

Video, visualizations, meditation, and group discussion. Learn alchemical tools to enhance your spiritual and physical health. Connect with like-minded people.

You can attend by using a landline, cell phone, tablet, or computer. Contact us for the Zoom link to the workshop.

Albuquerque Friends of the Summit Lighthouse



Spiritual Quest Series of Workshops

You are warmly invited to attend our SPIRITUAL QUEST Workshops, courses that each month explore ‘practical’ spirituality!

The Spiritual Quest workshops are designed by the staff of Summit University®  from The Summit Lighthouse® to help you study and apply the basic teachings of the Ascended Masters. Each class offers an in-depth look at your spiritual origin and destiny and provides ways for you to more intimately connect with your Higher Self.

Enjoy dynamic PowerPoint presentations with video, exercises, meditation, spiritual techniques, and group discussion. Learn practical ideas to enhance your spirituality, to apply these teachings in your daily life, and to connect with like-minded people.

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month
10:30 am – 12:00 pm

We do not charge a fee, donations are welcome.

Sheraton ABQ Uptown
2600 Louisiana BLVD NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

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February Workshop: Twin Flames


We all have a match that was made in heaven; they are called twin flames! Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, two once-famous actors, are an example of twin flames.

In our February workshop, we take a look at some of the keys that ascended masters have provided to guide us in connecting to our twin flame.

Our perpetual search for that perfect love here on earth stems from the experience of original wholeness and bliss that we knew with our twin flame in Spirit.  God loved us and then gave us someone to share that love with. You will learn how it all happened…..

Join us for more information about this fascinating subject.