Express Love Through Art — Introducing The Goddess of Beauty

Express Love Through Art:
Introducing the Goddess of Beauty

Are you an artist? you probably know that art can take people to places in their mind that they wouldn’t otherwise go to, it makes them feel things that they never knew they could feel.

Do you enjoy art or have a longing to share Love through some form of art? Have you been successful doing this? If not, have you explored every possibility? Are you willing to try something new, if you have not been successful before?

Are you waiting for the right moment of inspiration, but that moment hasn’t come? How about praying to a muse (a source of inspiration) to help you out?

Keys to Attracting a Muse 

The key is to create a piece of art that assists people to raise their consciousness and bring them to places of Light, a place of uplift. If that’s your goal, it will be easier to attract a muse.

In Greek mythology, the Muses were nine goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences and served as an artist’s inspiration. 

1. Use a specially assigned space to work.

2. Keep your body, and your space clean, aired out, and orderly.

3. Play classical music.

4. Turn off your phone and other interruptions.

5. Pray daily to your Muse for help. Ask frequently for support during your work time or creative time.

6. Keep a picture of your Muse posted on the wall, so you can see it while working.

7. Keep your thoughts positive and uplifting, preferably in a mode of Love and mercy.  

8. Use alchemical formulas to invoke Light and auric protection. 

The Life of Ruth Hawkins

In this age, an Ascended Master, such as the Goddess of Beauty could become your Muse if you ask for help.

Let’s take a closer look at the last embodiment of the Goddess of Beauty.

The Goddess of Beauty, Ruth Hawkins in her last embodiment, was an artist who dedicated her life to her twin flame, the artist and now ascended master Paul the Venetian. (Paul’s prior embodiment was that of the artist Paolo Veronese.)

Ruth first found the masters’ teachings through the I AM Activity around 1936, when she was twenty-nine years old. She was a member of the Bridge to Freedom in the 1950s, when Paul the Venetian revealed that Ruth was his twin flame and that when she ascended, her name would be the Goddess of Beauty.

In 1971, Ruth Hawkins was knighted by Saint Germain for her tireless and faithful work and her meritorious service to the ascended masters. He knighted her was Lady Adoremus.

In 1984, Ruth was inspired by Paul to make a trip to France with a friend. They rented an apartment in Paris where they gave prayers and mantras for France every day for four months in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Ruth in College

Ruth and her friend found that the French usually responded favorably to foreigners who spoke French. Although Ruth didn’t speak any French when she arrived in Paris, the people loved her anyway.

Ruth was a gentle soul and held the immaculate concept for all life. She never spoke unkindly about anyone and never saw anything negative in people.

She was beautiful when in embodiment, inside and outside. She was always well-groomed, finely dressed and carried herself with grace and dignity.

Ruth’s apartment was near the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, and Ruth and her friend frequently went to the Sacré-Coeur and other cathedrals to pray for Paris.

Ruth’s Solution for Paris and the World

Ruth felt that there was much hardness in the city of Paris and that the Violet Forgiving Flame was needed to soften it so that the people would accept the Light.

Ruth acquired a violet-color transparency and held it up to her eyes and looked through it to see the city covered with Violet Flame, envisioning that the peoples of the city would soften.

The Violet Flame is an invisible spiritual energy that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision.

In previous centuries, knowledge of the violet flame was given only to a chosen few who had proven themselves worthy. Saints and adepts of East and West have long used the violet flame to accelerate their spiritual development.

Still, this once-secret knowledge was not revealed to the masses until the twentieth century.

The Violet Flame

The violet flame has many purposes. It revitalizes and invigorates us. It can heal emotional and even physical problems, improve relationships, and make life easier.

More importantly, the violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy, which makes it a useful tool for healing.

Today we are learning more than ever before about how disease can be rooted in our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet flame provides a platform for our healing.

Ruth’s dream was that the planet earth become a violet flame planet, meaning that it would be so saturated with the violet flame that the much-expected Golden Age will manifest.

A golden age is a time frame in which 51% percent of a planet’s population operates at the level of their Higher Self, also called the Christ Self.

For more on the violet flame, see The Violet Flame — The Cosmic Eraser

More About Ruth

Ruth and her friend lived in a square called la Place du Tertre, where hundreds of artists set up their easels to paint.

Ruth talked to the artists about art and showed them a chart of their Higher Self, also called the I AM Presence chart, and pictures of the Ascended Masters. 

As the twin flame of Paul the Venetian, Ruth was wholly devoted to truth and beauty. She was an artist who poured her devotion into her paintings.

Paolo Veronese

Ruth said that if it were not for Paul the Venetian, she would not have been able to paint. Paul was her Muse.

Sometimes, under his direction, she would begin a portrait before she even knew who she was going to paint.

She created many portraits of saints and adepts of east and west, also called Ascended Masters, which can be used to focus the Light of these masters. You can place them on your wall and use them for your meditations.

The Messenger Mark Prophet told Ruth that if she continued painting, she would make her ascension. Ruth continued painting.

Becoming The Goddess of Beauty

Ruth Hawkins was born on February 18, 1907, in Topeka, Kansas. Since 1988, she lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the annual Balloon Fiesta takes place in October.

Albuquerque is known for its Balloon Fiesta, a festival of hot air balloons that occurs over a nine-day period. Over 500 hot air balloons participate. It is the largest balloon festival in the world.

In October 1995, while the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque was taking place, with it’s ascending balloons, coincidentally, Ruth too ascended to her Higher Self from the Temple of the Sun Retreat in the etheric plane over Manhattan, New York. She was 88.

More About the Ascension from the Temple of the Sun

The Temple of the Sun over Manhattan is the etheric retreat of the Goddess of Liberty. The Goddess of Liberty represents the Flame of Freedom and spiritually is Paul the Venetian’s Mother. 

Paul the Venetian has a retreat, the Château de Liberté, on the etheric plane over southern France, but currently, he is also holding classes in the Temple of the Sun.

Ruth wanted to take her ascension from the Temple of the Sun because of her deep Love for Saint Germain and for America. Her ascension flame is now permanently anchored in the etheric octave in that retreat. 

Help from the Goddess of Beauty and Paul the Venetian

Paul the Venetian

You can call to the Goddess of Beauty and to Paul the Venetian to intensify Love in your heart and the hearts of people of the world.

You can also ask them to overshadow you when you create art that brings people closer to their Higher Self. 

Art is one of the means to raise people’s consciousness. Artists in golden ages were overshadowed by angels to help them create divine beauty in the form of music, paintings, books, poetry, etc.

This still happens to some artists. If you ask for it, it may happen to you as well. Give it a try!

Ruth’s Art

Ruth’s paintings are all focuses of masters. You can meditate or call to the masters in her paintings to increase the Love in your heart or for your creative inspiration.

Her work included portraits of Paul the Venetian, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Nada, Kuan Yin, Sanat Kumara, and Lady Master Venus. See Ruth’s art here.

“Healing of the Soul”

After Ruth made her ascension, she delivered her first dictation as the Goddess of Beauty in 1996 through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

In this dictation of December 30, 1996, the Goddess of Beauty speaks of keys to our soul’s wholeness:

“I speak to you, beloved, of art and art itself in so many forms and manifestations. I have pursued art over many, many lifetimes, and in doing this, I have perfected my own soul.

I have been able to draw back to myself the fragments of the soul. And I understand that you are now engaged in this.…

The fragmenting of the soul bears warning and a sign. If the soul becomes fragmented, it is because the soul has been abused, and the Light of the soul has been stolen. Your own carnal mind (lesser self) may steal the Light of your soul.

Sometimes we have neglected the … intensification of the heart chakra regularly through many lifetimes, lifetime after lifetime.

To hold on to the soul and to bring the fragments back to the soul, you must have a powerful heart chakra — a very strong chakra, a chakra that is greater than the antithesis.

I would suggest, then, that daily you call to God for the Great Central Sun Magnet to be superimposed upon your heart chakra.

And thereby, even though your heart chakra is not developed … that magnet will be placed over your heart and will hold intact the fragments of the soul that you have called back through many prayers and mantras, and meditations.

Protecting the fragments of being. Only then can the soul enter into the path of becoming one with the Holy Christ Self (Higher Self).”

The Goddess of Beauty also suggests that you attempt to keep your harmony daily, so as to not let soul fragments escape ever again.