Healing with Chakras, Crystals, and Gemstones


Struggling with Health Problems? Do you tend to frequently search for new cures and hope that this will be the final remedy you will be spending your money on?

The question is, how do we fix our seemingly endless path of health problems? Where do we start? What is the real solution?

Where Does Disease Start?

We look at our physical bodies first and tend to fix our physical problems with natural and conventional medicine. Of course, it is essential to repair the body. We don’t want to ignore this body, because we need it to function in this earthy plane.

However, as you probably already know, most diseases start somewhere else.

Let’s look at the anatomy of our spiritual bodies. To operate in different planes of consciousness, we need a vehicle for each plane, just as we need a space shuttle to go to the moon, a car to go to the nearby store, or an airplane to travel to a different country.

The same applies to our bodies or vehicles. We all have four bodies, an etheric, mental, emotional, and physical body. We sort of know this, because we all understand the mind-body-spirit connection. To operate in the physical plane, we have a physical body. To move into the emotional plane, we have an emotional body, etc.

The Etheric Body

Most health conditions start in the etheric body, also called the spirit body. This is the body that remembers our past and present life, traumas, and happy events. It also connects directly to the Higher Self, also called the higher etheric body.

What concerns us the most regarding disease are the memories, the records of the past. These records create a lot of tumult, and if not dissolved, create disease. The records affect first the mental body, then the emotional body, and finally create a physical condition.

We try to understand the cause of a problem by going to a doctor or psychologist if the physical condition doesn’t clear up within a short time. With psychotherapy, we hope to learn our lessons, and we try to change our negative habits. However, these actions do not erase the memories and the emotional scars.

Spiritual Solutions

To erase the memories or records, we need spiritual tools. The only spiritual tool that erases records is spiritual Light.

So, how do we direct this Light into the records?

The Ascended Masters give us tools to invoke this Light. They delivered formulas of healing through the messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

These formulas are very specific fiats, mantras, and affirmations that become the chalice to channel Light into these records. When you combine these methods, you will be applying the Science of the Spoken Word, a science known as dynamic decrees.

Dynamic decrees are so powerful that they can literally consume a lifetime of records within a short period. This can be your most important path to healing.

For more information about decrees, click here.


Chakras are pulsating, dynamic light-energy centers within us that provide the power we need to perform daily tasks. They are spiritual centers that distribute Light to all our organs, body systems, and more.

We have 144 chakras that correspond with the body’s meridians. Meridians are spiritual ‘blood vessels’ that carry Light to and from the chakras. Acupuncturists have known about them for centuries. They use needles to clear the stagnation in the chakras and in the meridians.

The seven main chakras are the base of the spine, seat of the soul, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat, third eye, and the crown. These chakras correspond directly to the seven main glands. (See chart below)

For maximum benefit, it is essential to keep our chakras in good working order. Prayers, decrees, and meditation will do that. Yet, this merely scratches the surface of the real significance and importance of our chakras and our progress on the upward path. They are really spiritual gems that glow with Inner Light.

Sacred Energy Centers

Your chakras are your sacred energy centers. You have 144 chakras; seven are the main chakras. Your entire aura is encircled by the rings that emanate from the heart. Within that aura, there are released concentric rings of the color rays from each of the other chakras. These color rays are according to the chakra petals and their corresponding color frequencies.

The chakra petals and colors are as follows:

  • The base of the spine: 4 petals, color frequency, white
  • The seat of the soul: 6 petals, color frequency, violet
  • The solar plexus: 10 petals, color frequency, purple and  gold, flecked with ruby
  • The heart: 12 petals, color frequency, pink
  • The secondary heart chamber: 8 petals, color frequency, golden pink
  • The throat: 16 petals, color frequency, blue
  • The third eye: 96 petals, color frequency, green
  • The crown: 972 petals, color frequency, yellow

Here we begin to see, then, the vision of the ‘wheels within wheels’ that was beheld by the prophet Ezekiel. Indeed, the chakras are the wheels of the law of a man’s being. The energies of God are released to and from His being through the chakras. 

For more information on chakras, click here.


How about crystals? These marvelous focuses and facets of Light have been used throughout history to harness the highest and most powerful energies for healing, wholeness, and attunement with God. If we intend to use them to aid our spiritual growth, we must ensure that they are properly aligned for the highest good.

People often buy crystals and gemstones for healing purposes. Each gemstone carries a particular molecular structure that is effective for the healing of specific conditions. Gemstones work similarly as our chakras. They carry and distribute Light.

The reason crystals and gemstones carry particular qualities is that angels, Ascended Masters, and nature spirits have worked together to endow them with a healing quality for the assistance of humanity.

Because mankind lost their faith in the direct use of Light to heal, cosmic beings created this bridge to allow for healing until an individual would again be able to heal themselves and others with Light.

How To Use a Gemstone

When you choose a gemstone, know that the stone may have taken on the heavy vibration of the area in which it was found, and may have moved through many hands. Therefore, when you buy a stone, you want to remove negative energies and charge it with Light.

To do this, you can say the following:

(Place your left hand under the stone, and the right hand on top of the stone):

“In the name of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun, in the name of my I AM Presence, I call to you to demagnetize this stone from all vibrations that are not of the Light.”

You can make this call several times until you feel the work is done.

Then you call for the stone to be charged with Light:

“In the name of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun, in the name of my I AM Presence, I ask you to charge, and charge, and charge this stone with the Light from the Great Central Sun, with the rays of healing, love, wisdom, etc.”

Repeat until you feel the work is done.

You can wear such stones as an anchor point to hold more Light, much as our chakras are etheric crystals that hold and distribute spiritual Light.

Healing Attributes of Gemstones

See an enlarged version of this chart: Chakra Gem Chart. (If necessary to rotate, see the icon at the top right of the chart page.)