Meet the Tall Master from Venus

Meet the Tall Master From Venus

Are you victorious in all areas of your life?

If not, would you like to be?

The Tall Master from Venus, called Mighty Victory, will be able to give you the keys to your personal victory.

Victory is described as a master at least six feet, six inches tall. He has brilliant, piercing, violet-blue eyes and his hair is a glorious gold. It is said that he has a sense of humor that shatters our preconceptions.

Mighty Victory makes use of the yellow topaz to anchor and focus the consciousness of victory, which he describes poetically as “the crystal fire of golden consciousness.”

Since the precious stone carries the vibration of victory, wearing it on one’s person is a powerful aid to assimilating the Victory Consciousness.

Mighty Victory, A Cosmic Being

Mighty Victory is a cosmic being from Venus whose devotion to the flame of victory for more than a hundred thousand years has granted him the authority over that flame throughout the entire cosmos. He also embodies the fire of Love.

A cosmic being is an ascended master who has expanded his consciousness to the point of being able to encompass vast reaches of space or an entire aspect of the divine consciousness. They are advanced beings.

It is not customary for mankind to come in contact with cosmic beings. However, in the 1930s, when he first became known to the people of earth, Mighty Victory was referred to as the Tall Master from Venus.

The Ascended Masters say that Venus is Earth’s sister star and was once home to an evolution such as ours. Venus’ physical environment has now gone dormant and is home to life only on the etheric realm.

Mighty Victory’s Visit to Albuquerque

In 1978, Mighty Victory delivered a dictation through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Albuquerque when she was visiting the Albuquerque Summit Lighthouse (now called Albuquerque Friends of the Summit Lighthouse). It was midnight. There were just a few people present in the building that did not yet have furniture.

Mighty Victory began describing his altar on Venus. It was described as a round self-luminous table.

The altar contained twelve lines like a clock, with each line representing the twelve hierarchies of the sun.

The twelve hierarchies are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

He said that he anchors (grounds) the Light of Victory through all twelve hierarchies of the sun for each solar system in a particular part of cosmos.

He also stated that the new location of the Albuquerque Friends of The Summit Lighthouse was to be the Temple of Victory.

Victory’s Incredible, Life-Changing Announcements

Mighty Victory’s love of the potential victory of those evolving upon Earth is a true blessing to all mankind. He came to assist planet earth in the 1930s. He announced the dispensation of the Lords of Karma to set aside the old occult laws for the evolutions of this planet.

1. Mighty Victory assisted in gaining the dispensation making it possible for individuals to ascend to their Higher Self with only 51% of their karma balanced. (Heretofore, an ascension required 100% of one’s karma to be balanced.)

2. Another new dispensation was that souls can enter the etheric retreats while their bodies sleep at night, although their karma might not warrant it.

Souls can now be taught the instruction of the I AM in the world at large, rather than have this information withheld for those who were not able to make the treacherous journeys to the retreats of the masters in their physical bodies.

In the 1960s, a temple of pristine beauty was lowered into etheric realms. It was designed by Mighty Victory. It was the first temple of the Great White Brotherhood* known to the outer world since Atlantean days. It is called “I AM” the Temple of Life’s Victory. It may be visited by unascended mankind while they sleep.

* ‘White’ refers to Light, not race.

The Victory Star

Mighty Victory has twelve masters serving with him, in addition to numberless numbers of legions of victory angels. These fierce angels, clad in the golden fire of illumination come forth in answer to the distress calls of mankind.

Standing in the center of the Great Sun Dial with his twelve disciples taking their places on the twelve points of the clock, Mighty Victory issues the command for the formation of the six-pointed star.

The masters standing on the one, three, five, seven, nine, and eleven o’clock lines of the Cosmic Clock* step forward midway between the center and the periphery of the circle.

Thus, a star is formed by the action of the flame of Mighty Victory and his twelve, showing that as Above, so Below the threefold flame is in balance and victorious in the being of man.

(*See the Cosmic Clock)

Mighty Victory’s Name

In one of his dictations through the I AM Movement’s messenger, Guy Ballard, the master explains how Mighty Victory came to be known as ‘Victory:’

“I was given the name of “Victory” by the Ascended Masters who have made the ascension from your Earth because all that I have attempted to do has been victorious!

There is no such thing as the memory of a single limitation in my consciousness, or world of activity, and has not been for a tremendously long period!

I have known only victory for thousands of centuries.”

Passing Your Life’s Tests — You Can Be Victorious Too!

On June 26, 1986, Mighty Victory told us about our mid-year exams. He explained that at each half-yearly cycle, the Lords of Karma meet. All mankind are tested, but especially those who write their letters to the Karmic Board.

These, then, must receive a test according to their knowledge and awareness and training, especially their self-knowledge of those things that ought to be cast into the sacred fire.

These tests come specifically in those areas where you yourselves have long endured a specific element of your human creation that you have been repeatedly warned to cast into the sacred fire for good.

When you do not pass your tests, the dispensation you have petitioned for at the half-yearly cycle will not be granted. We demand a token, and there are final exams on Earth as in heaven.

Mighty Victory told us that if you suspect that you have not passed your half-yearly exam, you can appeal to the Lords of Karma to give you another test so that the record of the year may show that you have determined to pass that test as a second chance.

Keys to Your Victory

On June 28, 1992, Mighty Victory with Justina, his twin flame, gave us a practical exercise to precipitate our victories. They said: “Consider, then, all those areas in your life in which you desire to be victorious.”

Make a note of each point you would master.

Remind yourself daily of your commitment to your victory in small ways and big ways. You can chart your victories and your defeats on your map of life.

“And you can put those golden ribbons at that place where you are determined to have your victory—victory over self and every condition, victory in this Church, victory in the dissemination of the teachings, victory in the nations, victory in the governments, victory in education, victory in every area of life!”

Mantras for Victory

Mighty Victory says that the only time anyone can take from you your victory is when you lose the sense of victory and when you fail to claim your victory.

Claim your Victory!

Give these mantras below through the weeks and months ahead, you will actually draw to yourself a feeling which will gradually produce in you the miracle of the majestic sense of victory consciousness.

In the name of the living Christ,
In the name of Jesus the Christ and my own Christ Self,
In the name of the I AM THAT I AM,
I claim my victory now.
I claim my victory now.
I claim my victory now.
I claim my victory now.
I claim my victory now.

I AM a Majestic Sense of Victory. 3x, 9x, or 36x

Cycles of Victory, appear! 3x
Spirals of Victory, descend! 3x
I AM an electrode of Victory in action here! 3x

Always Victory! 3x or 9x