The Messengers

God's Messengers


God keeps talking to his people. Whether through an oracle, a prophet, an amanuensis, or a messenger, there are many divinely inspired ways of receiving messages from God.

There have been messengers, such as Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, Zarathustra, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Guy and Edna Ballard (I AM Activity of the 30s).

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet were Messengers for the Ascended Masters. They were pioneers in modern spirituality. For more than forty years, they delivered the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

They taught that at the heart of all the world’s religions the essential spiritual teachings are the same, and they showed how spiritual seekers from any background could follow this roadmap to the ascension.

The Messengers teach that the Teachings of the Ascended Masters are timeless. Devotees know this to be true as they experience these teachings daily by applying the inner mysteries transferred by the Ascended Masters.

Messengers receive the word of God through various means. Guy and Edna Ballard received them over a visible light and sound ray. Mark and Elizabeth received them through the raising of their consciousness to merge with the consciousness of the Master.

These messages, known as “dictations,” contain the words of the heavenly host, as well as a transfer of light. While receiving these dictations, the messengers were fully conscious, yet in an exalted state.

The messages occurred through the conveyance of the Holy Spirit and not through psychicism or spiritualism (where a disembodied spirit takes over the body of a channeler).

Mark L. Prophet

The Messenger Mark Prophet was a profoundly spiritual, easy to talk to, practical, down-to-earth person.

The Ascended Master El Morya appeared to Mark when he was a young man. He initially dismissed the Master because of his lifelong devotion to Jesus. Mark realized many years later that Jesus was also an Ascended Master, and his path was the same as El Morya’s path. He then accepted Morya as his guru and took on the disciplines of the guru-chela relationship in the tradition of the East.

In 1952, after Mark served in World War II, El Morya dictated to Mark The Ashram Notes. Mark published them as letters to his students.

In 1957, El Morya asked Mark to establish the Summit Lighthouse and publish the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. El Morya delivered his first dictation in August 1958, followed by many more dictations until February 1973 when Mark ascended. Dictation transcripts were published as Pearls of Wisdom®.

Soon after the publication of the Pearls, Mark made his ascension.  He ascended to his Higher Self and became one with his I AM Presence.

After his ascension, he received his Ascended Master name Lanello.

Lanello implores us to call him anytime we need him.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

At age eighteen, Elizabeth Clare Prophet opened a book on the Ascended Masters that she discovered in her parents’ library for the first time. When she saw a picture of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, she knew her life would change dramatically. She spent the next four years searching for Saint Germain.

On April 22, 1961, she attended a meeting of The Summit Lighthouse in Boston and met its leader and her twin flame Mark L. Prophet. He was the teacher she had been looking for her entire life.

After three years of intense spiritual discipline to train her as a messenger, she received Saint Germain’s anointing and began delivering prophetic messages from the Ascended Masters. Mark and Elizabeth married in 1963.

Elizabeth became the messenger of the Great White Brotherhood and a world-renowned spiritual teacher. She taught on a variety of spiritual subjects, such as soul mates and twin flames, karma and reincarnation, angels and archangels, healing and wholeness, prosperity, and more.

When Guru Ma, as she was lovingly called, made her transition in 2009, she left an abundance of unpublished teachings. Her published works were translated into over 30 languages.