Violet Flame – Your Cosmic Eraser

Your Cosmic Eraser

The violet flame is an invisible spiritual energy. It is the seventh ray of the Holy Spirit, that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision.

Violet light is like a ray of sunlight passing through a prism, refracted into the seven colors of the rainbow and manifests as seven rays. The seventh of these rays is violet.

Saints and adepts of East and West have long implemented the violet flame by giving affirmations, mantras, visualizations, songs, music, and meditations.  These all accelerate spiritual development.

Still, this once-secret knowledge of the violet flame was not revealed to the masses until the twentieth century.

How It Works

The violet flame transmutes karma like a cosmic eraser. Transmute means that it changes in form, in nature, or in substance.

The violet flame is a high-frequency spiritual energy that acts on the physical plane, erasing, removing, or mitigating the causes of any illness, mental, emotional, or world condition. It has the power to ‘erase’ the cause, effect, record, and memory of negative karma in your life. 

Violet flame revitalizes and invigorates us and changes negative energy into positive energy. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet flame provides a platform for our healing.

It is also a flame of joy as it sweeps through the consciousness of humanity. Flowing with the powerful flow of the Holy Spirit, it frees every particle of energy that it touches.

When the earth is bathed in the violet flame, as after a summer rain, the elementals (nature spirits) splash in puddles and ponds of the violet elixir which remain.

The four lower bodies of a planet and a people absorb the flow of violet fire as the parched earth and the grasses dried in the summer sun absorb water.

The violet flame and the violet-flame angels release a momentum that causes the electrons to spin. It is a momentum of joy!

You can use violet flame to obtain joyousness and laughter — the kind of laughter that one has when one has gotten the victory over the self — the joy that bubbles in the soul and bounces through the four lower bodies sweeping away the debris of doubt and fear, the depressions of the years and the negative energies that lurk in the darkened corners of the mind.

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